What is it all about?

Deeper In for Children is a curriculum for children ages three through fifth or sixth grade. Each week the children in your church will actually open their Bibles, learn about the focus for the week, and prepare to help present the lesson - we all remember 90% of what we teach, so with Deeper In for Children, we help them learn by doing! Children will focus on one topic a year - Grace, Obedience, Walk of Faithfulness, and Talking with God - as they learn what both the Old and New Testament have to say about it. They will develop a confident faith as they study, help teach, and learn how knowing these things really does make a difference in their lives!

Each week children will gather with their small groups to help research and prepare props for a portion of the week's Bible lesson. During large group they will share what they learned and their props when called upon. After large group they will return to their small groups for some important conversations and digging in to why knowing what they learned makes a difference in their real lives!

Along with Sunday School curriculum, each week's lesson includes an optional Second Service lesson which builds on the same lesson! If your church does not offer a second service, you are welcome to use the science projects, Bible memory games, and/or crafts in your Sunday School - you will be able to tailor Deeper In for Children to fit the needs of your unique church as options are never a bad thing!

Stay tuned for more information as Deeper In for Children releases the beginning of March 2023!

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