Friday, February 17, 2023

Deeper In for Children - Sample Lesson & Flyer

I have been writing about Deeper In for Children and today I am happy to share with you a sample lesson - which you will find at this link! Each lesson engages children in researching a portion of the day's Bible event and preparing props/posters which they will share during Large Group. Then they return to their Small Groups where they work through a flyer - which you will find a sample flyer at this link.

You will see each week's lesson is planned to take about one hour and includes an optional Second Service so you are able to provide one lesson which children are able to focus on for the week! If you do not have a second service/Children's Church you are welcome to use the activities during your Sunday School - especially if you have a longer time for your Sunday School - or use during your Mid-Week Ministry to keep the focus on the same Bible event for the week!

And, not only does Deeper In for Children provide a wealth of resources for you to use and fit to your ministry, but one quarter is only $50! Plus, if you choose to order one full year, four quarters, you will be able to do so for just $150.00! 

In addition to experiencing a significant savings, you will also receive a lesson for Christmas and one for Resurrection Sunday absolutely free! 

Deeper In for Children comes with significant savings AND also comes with one more free resource - you will also receive Anchored supplemental curriculum which is designed to help you teach the "whys" to the children in your ministry!

Take a look at the Deeper In for Children sample lesson and sample flyer, check out Anchored, plan to get Deeper In for Children for your church, and get ready to equip the children in your ministry with a confident faith!

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