Saturday, February 11, 2023

Deeper In for Children will Equip You to Help Children Become People Who Pray

In our Children's Ministries children hear us pray during the times we offer Sunday School and Mid-Week Ministry opportunities. We tell children they need to be people who pray, but, do we really help equip them so they are able to be people who pray? With Deeper In for Children you will be able to do exactly this - equip them so they are able to be people who pray!

Each week as you use this curriculum you have a time where you lead children in actually praying Scripture back to God. I always personally struggled with prayer, but one day a number of years ago, I heard Ed Dobson preach about how praying Scripture back to God was a great way to pray - I tried it and found he was correct!

By leading children in a time each week where they actually are praying Scripture back to God you will find you are equipping them so they are able to be people who pray throughout their lives! Deeper In for Children will help you do exactly this!

Stay tuned for more information and sample lessons as Deeper In for Children releases in just a few weeks!

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