Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Help Children go Deeper Into God's Word with Deeper In for Children

Deeper In for Children is written to engage children in the learning process from start to finish by getting children to open Bibles, research the Bible event for the day, and prepare props which they use during the Large Group time. We do these things so the children go deeper into God's Word and will remember what they did in class and will be able to understand and live God’s Word in their everyday lives! 

Deeper In for Children has been intentionally designed so children will be actively involved in the Bible lesson each week. While the lesson time is fun and engaging, it will do what matters the most - help children begin to understand what it means for them to truly know and walk with God!

Deeper In for Children is about far more than head knowledge.

So, stay tuned as Deeper In for Children will release in just a few weeks!

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