Friday, March 3, 2023

Deeper In for Children - Get Both Preschool & Elementary Curriculum for Only $50.00 each Quarter!

I'm going to push back the date when you will be able to get Deeper In for Children  because I've decided to include the Preschool AND the Elementary curriculum in one package - you will get everything you need for a full quarter of digital curriculum for both age levels priced at only $50.00! And, if you decide to order a full year of Deeper In for Children you will be able to get both age levels at a special price of $150.00.

I want Deeper In for Children to be a resource which will equip churches - and parents/grandparents - so they are able to hand a confident faith to the children they love, and want all churches to be able to afford to do this. So, I'm including the Preschool curriculum with the elementary curriculum.

All age levels have the same scope and sequence and all age levels will also be able to use Anchored curriculum supplement to teach the "whys" as well. So when you order a quarter of  Deeper In for Children you will have the resources you need to make your Children's Ministry as effective as possible.

I am shooting for having all age levels ready by March 24th, so stay tuned for more information and please share this with the people you know to help spread the word about Deeper In for Children. Thank you!

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