Monday, February 20, 2023

Why Deeper In for Children has a Unified Scope and Sequence

 A few days ago I shared the scope and sequence for the Grace year of Deeper In for Children - you will find it at this link. I also shared a sample lesson and student flyer which you will find at this link. Today I want to write about why Deeper In for Children has a unified scope and sequence.

As Children Ministry leaders, we want to help children learn the "whats" - what the Bible says and therefore what we believe, and we also need to teach the "whys" - why we are able to believe what we believe, but we also want to equip parents and grandparents so they are able to continue the teaching at hope - as we know, parents and grandparents and the most influential people in the lives of children.

But, if we do not have a unified scope and sequence it is much more difficult for parents/grandparents to continue the learning at home. If the younger children in a family learn one Bible event and their older siblings learn a different Bible event, which one do parents/grandparents use during the week to continue the learning? It is challenging enough to get them to do this with one Bible event, but if we have different lessons for different ages it makes it much more challenging to engage parents and grandparents.

Deeper In for Children has a unified scope and sequence - which means all ages learn the same Bible event the same week. When all the children are talking about the same Bible event, it makes it much easier for parents and grandparents to continue the learning at home during the week.

Deeper In for Children is designed to engage children AND equip parents and grandparents so children grow up with a confident faith! Deeper In for Children will be available the beginning of March! 

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