Friday, March 24, 2023

Deeper In for Children is Now Available - Get Your Downloads Today!

It took a bit longer than anticipated due to changes at PayPal, but I am happy to say  Deeper In for Children  is now available! You are able to get the Grace year to use in your children's ministry. With Deeper In for Children you will engage children in learning by helping with teaching the Bible lesson for the week. They will remember what they did and more importantly, what they learned and how to live it in their lives every day!

With Deeper In for Children you will receive both preschool and elementary age level curriculum for only $50 a quarter. And, if you buy all four quarters at once, you are able to get four quarters for the price of three - a significant savings!

Deeper In for Children is a digital curriculum which you are able to download at these links . . . 







Full year


You will find Deeper In for Children sample Elementary lesson at this link and the Preschool sample lesson at this link.

Get Deeper In for Children to use in your church and watch as children go deeper into God's Word and develop a confident faith!

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