Friday, March 24, 2023

Deeper In for Children Releases Today!

Today is March 24th - the day Deeper In for Children releases for you to use in your Children's Ministry! It will be ready to order this evening, so stay tuned! But this morning if you are wondering why you might consider a new curriculum check this link where I wrote about the "whys" for Deeper In for Children.

If you would like to see sample curriculum lessons, you will find the sample Elementary lesson at this link and the Preschool sample lesson at this link.

Keep in mind both the Preschool AND the Elementary curriculum in one package - you will get everything you need for a full quarter of digital curriculum for both age levels priced at only $50.00! And, if you decide to order a full year of Deeper In for Children you will be able to get both age levels at a special price of $150.00.

Most importantly Deeper In for Children will engage the children in your ministry so they remember what God's Word has to say and know how to live it in their everyday lives!

I will post again this evening as soon as the links are ready for you to get Deeper In for Children - Grace year to use in your Children's Ministry!

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