Wednesday, April 5, 2023

What does Deeper In for Children Cost?

Yesterday I wrote about the scope and sequence for Deeper In for Children - today I want to write about what one year of this curriculum costs.

One quarter of Deeper In for Children will cost your church $50 for the digital curriculum. I want it to be priced affordably for any size church. If you choose to order a full year, four quarters, of Deeper In for Children, you will receive one quarter for free! Rather than pay $200.00 for a full year, it will only cost $150.00.

Each quarter of Deeper In for Children curriculum includes 13 lessons for Sunday School, 13 lessons for a Second Service (or which may be combined with Sunday School for a longer service, or used for Mid-Week), one free Sunday School and Second Service lesson for Christmas, one free Sunday School and Second Service lesson for Resurrection Sunday, AND Anchored supplemental digital curriculum to teach the "whys".  Deeper In for Children provides a wealth of resources for you to use and fit to your ministry at a price which stretches your church dollars!

Deeper In for Children comes with significant savings so you not only receive a lot for your church dollars, but you will have curriculum/resources to help you equip children with a confident faith as they learn the "whats" - what the Bible says and therefore what we believe, and the "whys" - why we are able to believe.

Deeper In for Children makes "sense" for your ministry as it will provide the tools you need to be as effective as possible and it makes "cents" for your ministry as well! It is now available - plan to use Deeper In for Children in your ministry and equip the children with a confident faith!

Deeper In for Children is a very intentional curriculum and when you use it in your ministry, the children will learn, remember, understand, and know how to live God's Word! You will find a sample Elementary lesson at this link and a Preschool sample lesson at this link - you are able to order and download your Deeper In for Children digital curriculum at this link.

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